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Stellar Uniforms are the world leader in Graphic Design on Sportswear. Established in 2011, Stellar Uniforms have lead the way by ditching kindergarten designs and have developed their own unique style of sportswear graphic design whereby the client becomes ‘STELLARIZED!’

Stellar Lifewear is an extension to the parent business РStellar Uniforms where the consumer can purchase ready made garments and products, then decorate after the fact. Stellar Lifewear are proud to be working with World Leading Companies that only produce quality products where you will get value for money in ethically and socially responsible manufacturing and the use of recycled materials with traceability technology and wrap certification.

Stellar Medals is a supplementary specialty of Stellar Uniforms. Stellar Medals was born out of pure frustration that sports clubs members were getting the same old piece of crap, every single year, with no thought given into it and no real care about recognising the achievement.

Stellar Sports Balls is an extension of Stellar Uniforms, whereby the art of unique graphic designed employed by Stellar Uniforms for your Club is transitioned over to the Sports Ball of your choice. Again, a world leader in Sports Graphic Design.

OCD Tuning, or “O’Neill Custom Dyno Tuning” are the leader in Dyno Tuning for cars of all ranges and are based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Their packages include: Street, Sport, Race, Diesel + 4WD and Carburetor.¬†

Shannon Wilson – Graphic Artist. Owner and Head Artist at Global Sportswear Business – Stellar. A cultural artist known for fusing elements of various cultural backgrounds to create unique pieces.

Simon Wilson Photographer, whom claims to be just a young whipper snapper who knows nothing about photography. Some would say his photos suggest otherwise…